Marko: "Albon need not fear being replaced prematurely for this reason"

21-10-2020 14:53 | Updated: 21-10-2020 19:29
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Marko: Albon need not fear being replaced prematurely for this reason

The continuing criticism of Alexander Albon raises the question of whether Red Bull will replace him this season, as it did last year with Pierre Gasly. But according to Helmut Marko, the Thai should not be afraid of that.

Where Pierre Gasly was replaced halfway through the season last year because of underperformance, Alex Albon does not have to worry for this season, says Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. If Albon still wants to have a seat on the Austrian team next year, he will have to be more consistent, says Marko to Motorsport Magazin.

"This is not a problem at the moment, because of the many points Max has scored and the battles behind us. The second place in the constructors' championship is not under pressure."

Great ambitions

But in 2021 Red Bull has great ambitions again, the team wants to go for the world title. And for that Albon will have to perform better, says the Austrian advisor. "In the fast corners Albon is just as fast as Max, we can see that in the telemetry. He only loses it every time in one or two corners.

"Then we get back to consistency. It's just a factor of uncertainty if you don't know what's causing that to happen. We cannot afford that if we want to compete for the World Cup," concludes Marko.

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