More updates for Max Verstappen and Red Bull

21-10-2020 13:27 | Updated: 21-10-2020 14:29
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More updates for Max Verstappen and Red Bull

Last week's news that Mercedes has already stopped developing the car for this year will sound like music to Red Bull's ears. The team of Max Verstappen is still busy improving their car.

Mercedes announced that from now on it will focus on the development of the car for next year. Probably a logical choice, if you look at the dominance of the German team. They are confident that they have already won the championship and so they want to focus on next year. To make the existing gap smaller, Red Bull Racing will continue to upgrade this year's car.


Tech Tuesday by journalists Mark Hughes and Giorgio Piola explains the upgrades the Milton Keynes team has made over the past races. One of the updates that was taken to the Eifel GP was an adaptation to the rear suspension. This upgrade should allow the air to flow through the rear suspension faster. This creates more downforce. The team's plan was to race with the old suspension on Friday in Germany and with the new one from Saturday. Due to the weather conditions, the sessions on Friday were canceled, so Red Bull decided to give it a go with the upgrades.

It looked as if Red Bull had also made an adjustment to the front wing for the Eifel GP, but it turned out that this had only been photographed for the first time during that race weekend. There are a number of small holes in the upper 'wing flaps', which should ensure that the air flows more efficiently over the front tyres.

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