Heidfeld about Vettel: "Important that he makes fewer mistakes at Racing Point"

21-10-2020 10:32 | Updated: 21-10-2020 14:22
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Heidfeld about Vettel: Important that he makes fewer mistakes at Racing Point

Sebastian Vettel is still driving at Ferrari this year, but his focus will probably be on next season. The German will then be part of Racing Point, which will continue under the name Aston Martin from 2021. Many see it as a smart decision by Vettel, as Racing Point is currently performing better than Ferrari.

Nick Heidfeld also recognises that the switch is good for Vettel. "I think that with the announcement at Aston Martin, he can now look ahead and start counting down the days at Ferrari," Heidfeld explains in his column at the German Sky Sports. The former F1 driver recognises that Vettel can be of great value to Aston Martin.

Car fits Vettel

"The changeover could make a huge difference. The start at Aston Martin will therefore be hugely important. It has to be right away, so that the team is behind you. It's not just the team change that's important, but also the new car and how that car behaves," Heidfeld says.

Heidfeld thinks that Racing Point's car will fit in much better with Vettel's driving style. "Much has already been written about the fact that the Ferrari car is extremely difficult to drive. The current Racing Point is very similar to Mercedes with a lot of grip at the rear. That will probably suit him much better. It is important for next year that he gets into the car, that he feels at home and that he makes far fewer mistakes from the start, then I would be very happy," Heidfeld concludes.

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