Teams disagree on the effect of the 2021 rules: "We win that back"

21-10-2020 09:35 | Updated: 21-10-2020 10:03
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Teams disagree on the effect of the 2021 rules: We win that back

Next year, not much will change in Formula 1. Originally, 2021 was supposed to be the year when the rules would change enormously, but because of the pandemic, those changes have been pushed forward to 2022. Nevertheless, a number of parts will be replaced, such as reducing the downforce. This should allow the tyres to work better.

At Silverstone, everyone saw how the two Mercedes drivers both had to deal with a flat tyre. According to Pirelli, this was due to the high pressure on the tyre. That is why the FIA decided to reduce the downforce by 10%. Teams differ enormously on the impact the changes will have before 2021.

Teams disagree

"It's certainly a big step, especially for us," explains Andrew Green from Racing Point to Racefans.Net. "The intention of the rules is to ensure that we do not have more downforce than this year. I think the rules will certainly help with that ". However, Christian Horner does not see the rules as having much influence.

"I think that in the end, the teams will be able to win back all the downforce they will lose as a result of the change. I think they should have done more if they really wanted to tackle it. Of course, they have to take into account the costs involved, so it's mainly about finding the balance between them," concludes Red Bull Racing's team boss.

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