Marko: "Maximum development until the last race"

20-10-2020 15:33 | Updated: 20-10-2020 18:15
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Marko: Maximum development until the last race

Due to the unexpectedly large gap with the Mercedes team, Red Bull Racing is forced to continue developing at full speed, while looking ahead to next year. One of the reasons the updates will keep coming in 2020 is to be better prepared for the 2021 season.

Disappointing start of 2020

The season didn't start very well for Red Bull Racing. They lost more than a second compared to last year, while Mercedes had made even more progress. However, Helmut Marko thinks they are on the right track now, and wants to be as prepared as possible for next season.

"The Red Bull Ring wasn't a great start," said Marko in an interview with Sky. Red Bull was surprised that Mercedes had made so much progress, while their own performance was disappointing compared to the simulations. Some of these problems have now been fixed. "That has been put into perspective. We have found a number of errors."

"We were closest to Mercedes at the Nürburgring so far this season," he continues. However, he recognizes that driving so many races in a short time frame makes development difficult. "We couldn't correct our mistakes in such a short time. But we are on the right track now. The development is good."

Maximum development for 2021

The fact that Red Bull Racing is still so busy developing also has to do with the 2021 season. While Mercedes has virtually halted development for this year, Red Bull continues to do so at full speed. In 2021 they will simply get a new source of power from Honda, which, according to Marko, in addition to extra horsepower, will also remedy a number of weaknesses.

"As far as the chassis is concerned, we believe we can go back to the way it was, having the best chassis. That's why we're developing en masse right up to the last race, because we can use this for the new, but not completely changed, rules for 2021."

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