Sainz dissatisfied: "Should have had at least 40 points more"

20-10-2020 13:35 | Updated: 20-10-2020 15:08
Sainz dissatisfied: Should have had at least 40 points more

Carlos Sainz has had an interesting 2020, nearly winning in Italy and signing to drive with Ferrari in 2021, but he has also struggled at times. Sainz is looking to finish his time at McLaren well, as he is not totally satisfied with his season so far.

Sainz' ambitions this year are the same as those of his current team. McLaren and the Spaniard would like to be the midfield champion. However, things are not going as hoped and in the individual championship Sainz is even outside the top ten.

Lagging behind Ricciardo

Sainz is eleventh in the championship, 27 points behind fourth placed Daniel Ricciardo. That gap seems bridgeable but Sainz sees it differently in conversation with and others: "I am a bit far away, a normal race victory." Sainz knows he doesn't just take 25 points: "For us when we fight for top six, a race victory is eight points, so you could say that I am three races behind my direct competitors. Two or three race victories away from them." Sainz is still assuming that Ferrari has the most claim to places five and six, although so far it has not proved that.

The McLaren driver compares it to the position of Valtteri Bottas compared to Lewis Hamilton: "If you would say that it is equal to Bottas being 50-75 points away from Lewis. Is he in the title fight? Maybe he is. But I have a very low, small chance," Sainz adds. 

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