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Red Bull should be worried: Otherwise their business of winning is not serious

Red Bull should be worried: "Otherwise their business of winning is not serious"

17-10-2020 12:53 Last update: 16:10


Alexander Albon has come under increasing pressure in the course of this season. The gap with teammate Max Verstappen has not diminished at all per race. According to journalist Edd Straw of The Race, the possibility that he can keep his seat for next season is getting smaller every GP.

After the Eifel Grand Prix, in which Albon was unable to turn a good starting position into a good race, team boss Christian Horner again got questions about the future of his second rider. Straw noticed that Horner defended his driver less fanatically than before.

"Not for the first time, Horner found himself defending Albon. And it wasn’t quite so robust a defence as he mounted earlier this season when he complained vigorously about the unfair criticism. We are now at the point where Horner, Helmut Marko and the other decision-makers either need to back him to the hilt by confirming his place for 2021 as a show of confidence, or accept it’s not going to happen and sign up Sergio Perez or Nico Hulkenberg."

Albon must start to perform very quickly

According to the journalist, the fact that Albon is under pressure has long since ceased to be a media concoction, and the fact that his contract has still not been renewed confirms this. According to him, there is still time for Albon to turn the tide, but this must be done quickly, also for the credibility of his team.

"If Red Bull isn’t worried about this situation, then it isn’t serious about the business of winning," says Straw, emphasising the importance of a strong second driver for the chances of Verstappen and Red Bull as a whole.