Wolff saw possibilities with Red Bull: 'Something that could be considered'

16-10-2020 13:51 | Updated: 16-10-2020 18:58
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Wolff saw possibilities with Red Bull: 'Something that could be considered'

In 2015 it looked like Red Bull Racing and Mercedes were going to make a deal so that Red Bull could use the Mercedes engine. In the end, the deal didn't go through and Red Bull was stuck with Renault for another three years. Now that Honda is leaving the sport after 2021, it is very interesting for Red Bull to look to Mercedes. However, Toto Wolff indicates that circumstances have changed enormously.

"At that time, we still had the idea that Mercedes and Red Bull could work together on marketing. We were interested in the platform that Red Bull had, because they are a very cool brand and are also very innovative," explains Wolff to Autosport. "I said the same thing to Christian Horner."

Not financially possible

"We then discussed whether we could perhaps look into cooperation, something that could also be considered at Daimler. However, that has never been the case." Wolff indicates that Red Bull's marketing ultimately turned out not to be as effective as was expected at the time. "Surely engine suppliers have not been able to benefit as much from the cooperation with teams."

So Red Bull has to look for another solution. "We will then really have a capacity problem. The engines are enormously complicated and we can't expand continuously. Furthermore, from a financial point of view it's not possible for us to supply Red Bull," concludes Wolff.

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