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Leclerc: 'Every time we do this, we have problems'

Leclerc: 'Every time we do this, we have problems'

15-10-2020 17:59 Last update: 19:16


By now it is obvious that Ferrari have big issues this F1 season. Charles Leclerc has been able to maximize the results so far, but he also recognizes the problems. However, he does have an idea where part of the problem lies.

Ferrari's disappointing results

It seems that Ferrari's results in qualifying are generally better than those in the race. According to Leclerc, this is due to the small amount of fuel used in qualifying, where it is much more during the race. With a light car, the results are still reasonable, but the extra weight has a big impact on the pace of the race.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have seen many times that we could get the most out of the car in qualifying with little fuel, but every time we fill up a lot of fuel we have problems," Leclerc explained.

The same goes for the Nurburgring. "It happened again, but with the medium compound we still had a good pace. With the softs we had immediate wear and tear problems. I didn't want to use the softs because of what happened at the start, but that's all we could do."

Binotto remains positive

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto added: "It was a tough race, mainly due to the cold tire temperatures. This was especially noticeable with Charles, who was already suffering from wear and tear on the softs, so he couldn't push as hard as he wanted."

Binotto, however, remains positive. "Clearly, we can't be satisfied with this result, but we will continue to work. We're seeing improvement in qualifying, but it's especially important that the updates are going in the right direction. This will give us more information for the next race in Portimao," Binotto concluded.