Brawn: 'If the sport evolves, we can approach Honda again'

12-10-2020 15:32
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Brawn: 'If the sport evolves, we can approach Honda again'

Ross Brawn, former team boss of Brawn GP, holds out the hope that Honda will return to Formula 1. He says all of today's engine suppliers are struggling.

Honda announced about a fortnight ago that it will stop supplying engines to Formula 1 teams Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri from 2022. The Japanese took this decision because they want to focus more on sustainable solutions for the future. In addition, they aim to make their business climate neutral by 2050.

Not the first time Honda is leaving

Brawn has seen Honda leave and return to the sport before, he says in his column on "It is unfortunate Honda are leaving Formula 1 at the end of 2021. It’s the fourth time in my racing career they stepped back and come back again." However, he is positive about the future of the Japanese car brand in the sport. "I’m optimistic when their situation changes and when F1 evolves, we can engage them again as Honda have always been important and welcome members of the F1 community in the past and hopefully for the future."

"All automotive companies are facing massive challenges at the moment, and we as F1 need to respond to that and make sure F1 meets those challenges, stays relevant. I hope a new power unit formula which will be introduced no later than 2026 will encourage them to come back again. We’ll also be encouraging them to be part of new FIA working groups, which will recommend what sort of power unit we will adopt in the future. They have been great partners in F1 and I look forward to working with them in future", concludes Brawn.

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