Verstappen frustrated with the Safety Car

11-10-2020 15:38
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Verstappen frustrated with the Safety Car

At the Nurburgring, Lewis Hamilton achieved his 91st victory, matching the record set by Michael Schumacher. Behind Hamilton, Max Verstappen finished second. The Dutchman was able to take advantage of the retirement of Valtteri Bottas, but he could not challenge Hamilton.

"Fortunately, we didn't lose any space at the start, but the tyres were just cold, so I had some wheelspin and you could see that during the restart. We had a bit more problems with that than the rest," Verstappen tells Ziggo Sport. "I can understand that they want to bring everyone together, but that car had been taken off the track a long time ago and it's also quite dangerous when you have to start with such cold tyres."

Fastest lap is beautiful

"The problem is also that there are only four of us behind the safety car. As a result, the rest of the field drives faster and their tyres are much more warm, so it's unfair. It wasn't quite top-notch, but it just came second". To add to his P2, Verstappen also managed to achieve the fastest lap. "I thought: 'We're not going to win today anyway', so in the last lap everything was given and then the fastest lap was a bonus."

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