Horner: "It has to be cost-effective, loud and sustainable"

11-10-2020 12:45
by GPblog.com
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Horner: It has to be cost-effective, loud and sustainable

Red Bull Racing seems to have taken another step in the right direction. Max Verstappen just missed pole position in the Eifel. But how will this continue after 2021 when Honda no longer supplies the team with motorbikes? Christian Horner explains his vision.

"Max did a great job in qualifying, to be quickest in the first run in Q3 and than lose pole is a little bit frustrating. I think we have a good race car for Sunday, anything can happen here. We have a great team and are working very hard. We had some problems at the beginning of the year, but we are starting to understand and get on top of", Horner says at ZiggoSport.

New engines

"The good thing about next year is that everything has already been sorted out. The car we have in Abu Dhabi is basically the one we will take to the first race in 2021. Honda's decision is very unfortunate. But I think it is a bigger problem for Formula 1. The engine is very expensive and it does not attract new manufacturers, which it should have. So you have to look into the future. In 2026 we will get new engines, maybe we should do it sooner. It has to be cost-effective, loud and sustainable", Horner continues.

As an independent manufacturer it will be difficult to build engines, Horner thinks. "That depends on the current rules. Because to develop the engine as an independent manufacturer is unrealistic. You would first have to go to Mr Todt to find out what the rules are. I think it is a very risky situation for F1 that there are only three manufacturers left. So it is a dilemma for Formula 1", concludes Horner.

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