Kravitz reflects on solutions for Red Bull: "That's the most likely"

04-10-2020 21:01 | Updated: 04-10-2020 23:21
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Kravitz reflects on solutions for Red Bull: That's the most likely

Since the announcement of Honda's departure from Formula 1, there has been much speculation about the future of Red Bull Racing. Which engine supplier will they have from 2022 onwards? Mercedes have been excluded by most experts, but Ted Kravitz has refused to do so.

"While the most obvious solution is for Honda to sell their engine and their IP to some kind of independent engine manufacturer and for it to be rebadged, I wouldn't count out the Mercedes link-up," said Kravitz on Sky Sports F1.

Mercedes was rather close to a partnership

In support of his argument, Kravitz cites the 'almost deal' with Niki Lauda. He was supposed to have agreed a deal with Red Bull around 2015/2016, but that work was eventually blocked by Toto Wolff

According to Kravitz, a return to Renault or Ferrari is equally unlikely. At Renault, they have not forgotten the misery of a few years ago, even though they now have a new CEO. The Ferrari engine is one that Red Bull itself probably does not want now. "It's not impossible, but I think the most likely outcome is a rebranded version of what they have at the moment."

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