Brundle: "Will unquestionably impact on Max Verstappen's freedom”

04-10-2020 14:52 | Updated: 04-10-2020 19:26
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Brundle: Will unquestionably impact on Max Verstappen's freedom”

Honda's departure from Formula 1 not only causes headaches for Red Bull, but also for Max Verstappen. Does he have to stay with Red Bull Racing? And what are the options? Sky Sports analysts Martin Brundle and Ted Wright have been discussing his options

Verstappen is under contract with Red Bull until 2023, but he may well have clauses in his contract. "This will unquestionably impact on Max Verstappen's freedom to look around sooner or later I would have thought, if there is no works motor," said Brundle on Sky Sports.

"Who can know apart from Verstappen whether Honda's exit makes him less minded to stay with Red Bull, but it can't help," added Kravitz. "Verstappen's only just 23, he's got plenty of time left in F1, but it will be a concern for him." If Verstappen wants to leave Red Bull, what are his options? Mercedes? “It doesn't fit for the moment at least with Bottas signing up again and Hamilton expected to do likewise."

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