Vettel: 'It would be nice to do other races in other cars'

04-10-2020 09:48 | Updated: 04-10-2020 15:22
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Vettel: 'It would be nice to do other races in other cars'

Sebastian Vettel has admitted he would like to race against his Formula 1 rivals in a touring car race. He thinks that the time of trying out other racing cars for Formula 1 drivers has long since been lost.

Equivalent cars

At the Nurburgring there will be no Formula 2 or Formula 3 in the supporting programme for the Eifel Grand Prix. Vettel would like to race against fellow Formula 1 drivers in a race with identical cars as a support programme for the race. "That would be fun, I would be up for it," said Vettel at

"If we had the chance in touring cars or something, where we could race each other hard, I don’t know if that would maybe jeopardise the show of the F1 race following after that too much," Vettel continued. 

It is not common anymore for F1 drivers to drive in several classes. But Nico Hulkenberg was successful in 2015 by taking on the 24 Hours of Le Mans when he had a week off from Formula 1. Fernando Alonso has also enjoyed several classes at the same time. He drove the Dakar Rally in January, and is still racing in the World Endurance Championship and drove the Indy500.

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