Windsor on Honda's departure: "Formula 1 must now give serious thought to this"

02-10-2020 19:36 | Updated: 02-10-2020 21:52
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Windsor on Honda's departure: Formula 1 must now give serious thought to this

With the announced departure of Honda from Formula 1, the number of manufacturers involved in the sport falls to three. And the future of Mercedes is still not certain. Peter Windsor, therefore, believes that the sport must ask itself serious questions.

Windsor is thinking about Red Bull. “I’ve been beating the drum for a long time that we should have a template engine for midfield teams that want to buy last year’s chassis’ from works teams or indeed a Dallara and I think that needs to be a Ferrari. I think we need to start thinking more seriously about that now.”

Formula 1 should have had electric class ahead of it

A team like Red Bull Racing would never be dependent on the manufacturers. However, Formula 1 should also look in the mirror for the reason why the manufacturers do not want to commit to the sport for a long time. “If Formula 1 was doing it’s job in the sense that it wasn’t so expensive and it had that clear path, then maybe Honda would be staying in the Championship," said Windsor on his Youtube channel.

Car manufacturers were only prepared to cough up those high costs as long as Formula 1 was technologically relevant," says Windsor. For this reason, he believes F1 should have created its own electric racing category years ago, which would run in support of Formula 1. However, due to a conflict between Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt, the FIA went its own way and Formula E was born.

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