Brawn: "This shows why Perez deserves to stay in F1"

28-09-2020 18:14 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:33
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Brawn: This shows why Perez deserves to stay in F1

Sergio Perez will leave Racing Point at the end of this year and a lot has been said and written about that. The Mexican is talking to other teams at the moment, but officially nothing has come of it yet. He would like to stay in Formula 1, but whether a step back to a rearguard team is the right thing to do remains to be seen. Nevertheless, he absolutely deserves a stay in the sport, according to Ross Brawn.

In his column on, Brawn wrote: "This was another superb performance from Sergio Perez, who is going through his divorce proceedings with Racing Point. He is clearly still hurting after being let go, in favour of Sebastian Vettel, but that does not appear to be impacting his on track form."

"If anything, it’s motivating him," which he showed last Sunday by crossing the finish line in fourth place. That without the updates on the car, which would have gone to Lance Stroll because he is higher up in the championship.

"It was even more impressive given the lack of availability of the big upgrade which his team mate Lance Stroll is enjoying. To put in that kind performance in those circumstances shows why he deserves to stay in F1."

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