F1 racing director Masi dismisses accusations Hamilton

28-09-2020 12:52 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:16
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F1 racing director Masi dismisses accusations Hamilton

Much has already been said about the two 5-second time penalties for Lewis Hamilton for making test-starts in an unauthorised place. There has also been a lot of criticism, not least from Hamilton himself. Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi has responded to the controversy. 

Lewis Hamilton did not agree with the penalty, he said after the race, and even accused the race management of working against him and his team. "Everything on our car is checked and triple-checked and they change the rules, like the engine regulations. To keep racing exciting, I suppose," the Mercedes driver said. "But it's okay, it's not like I've never experienced adversity before, so we keep quiet and keep fighting and trying to be spotless."

The door is always open

Race Director Michael Masi has responded to Hamilton's accusations. "From my perspective it's very simple," Masi said to Racefans. "If Lewis wants to raise something, as I have said to him and all the other drivers before, the door is always open. I am more than willing to discuss something."

He stressed that the FIA is there to monitor the rules and the stewards are there as an independent judiciary. "There was a breach of the rules and it does not matter whether it is Lewis Hamilton or any of the other drivers.”

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