Masi on Hamilton: "That is why the stewards withdrew the penalty points"

27-09-2020 19:48 | Updated: 27-09-2020 20:45
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Masi on Hamilton: That is why the stewards withdrew the penalty points

Lewis Hamilton received two penalty points and ten seconds' penalty during the race after the two practice starts he completed in the wrong position. Those penalty points were later withdrawn and Mercedes was fined instead. Race leader Michael Masi explains why the stewards reversed the decision.

Penalty points withdrawn

Hamilton received one penalty point on his super license for both test starts, because he did not take the starts at the indicated place. The stewards returned to the decision earlier on Sunday evening and waived the penalty points. Instead, Mercedes received a fine of €25,000.

"The stewards after the race heard from the team and the driver of car 44. So Lewis and Mercedes spoke to the stewards," says Masi quoted by The penalty has changed because it was a wrong instruction from the team to Hamilton.


"On that basis the stewards have now rescinded the penalty points on both those decisions because they thought it was inappropriate and as a result have fined the team €25,000 for that instruction," Masi explains. 

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