Verstappen laughs: "Try to stay away from the stewards as much as possible"

27-09-2020 15:32
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen laughs: Try to stay away from the stewards as much as possible

Max Verstappen believes that Lewis Hamilton shouldn't have received two penalty points for his offences prior to the Russian Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver then states that he tries to keep as much distance as possible from the stewards on the circuit.

"Look, if you cause a crash, I understand that you get such points. It's not that Lewis did this on purpose," says the 22-year-old Limburger in the press conference, attended by De Telegraaf, among others, about the two penalty points that Hamilton credited to his license.

Verstappen jokes about stewards

Verstappen himself also has a history with the stewards in Formula 1. Lately this has been the case a lot less often. "I try to stay away from the stewards as much as possible on the circuit. Maybe I will meet them in the hotel or at the bar, but not otherwise", the nine-time Grand Prix winner laughs.

If a drivers total reaches 12 points, they will be given a race ban. In four weekends, the 35-year-old Briton can only take a maximum of one penalty point otherwise he will have to miss a race. "It's ridiculous how many points are being awarded, especially this year. I think they should only take those kinds of measures if you hit someone, for example."

Hamilton cannot be fooled

The six-time world champion is not satisfied with the FIA ​​in 2020. According to Hamilton, international motorsport will benefit from Mercedes winning less often. "At least they try. Everything we have on the car is checked three times. Rules are changed during the season, such as the engine regulations. I suspect they do everything they can to keep the races exciting. At least that's how it feels for them. me. But we don't let ourselves be fooled. It is not the first time that I have to fight against others," he concludes.

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