Wolff: "He is the most complete driver ever"

26-09-2020 12:48 | Updated: 26-09-2020 13:47
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Wolff: He is the most complete driver ever

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff explained in an interview with Motorsport-Total who he thinks is the most complete driver ever and why. He also discusses his son's possible Formula 1 career.

Most complete driver ever

Although his own driver Lewis Hamilton is about to break all records in Formula 1, Wolff believes that Michael Schumacher is the most complete driver ever. "Michael will always be above us and above Formula 1. He has left his mark for more than a decade."

According to him, this is mainly an emotional assessment. "There is also a rational view and that is that records have to be broken. Even if a record seems impossible to beat, someone will break it."

Breaking records Hamilton

This season Lewis Hamilton can match Schumacher's record (seven world titles) and break it (91 Grand Prix victories). However, those possible records will not be safe according to Wolff. "Let's look ahead to the year 2037, when a boy who goes to daycare today or does all his first laps in a bamboo cart will try to break the records of Michael and Lewis."

Opportunities for Wolff junior?

In 2017 Wolff became the father of his son Jack. Would he ever break those records as a future Formula 1 driver? "I hope not", he says. He thinks a Formula 1 career for his son is "too dangerous." 

"I hope he's interested in tennis or football or anything else I like to watch. I would hate to be in a nervous panic at the pits or in the stands."

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