Didn't Red Bull Racing talk to Alonso? "I didn't want to get in for six months''

25-09-2020 08:16 | Updated: 25-09-2020 12:35
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Didn't Red Bull Racing talk to Alonso? I didn't want to get in for six months''

Fernando Alonso returns to Formula 1 in 2021, but the Spaniard has now revealed that he could have made a return earlier. The two-time World Champion has not mentioned any names.

Alonso to Red Bull

At the end of 2018, Alonso turned his back on Formula 1 to make trips to other branches of motorsport. Indy 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans and even the Dakar Rally were in the programme, before Alonso finally signed another contract with Renault. Now Alonso has revealed that there was an opportunity to return earlier.

''There were constant talks at that time. The first phone call as to whether I was bored was as early as 2019, and in August 2019 there was a certain team that wanted to change drivers. At that time, however, I didn't want to join for six months or a year myself," said Alonso to Motorsport.com.

Another world title

Although Alonso himself does not mention a team name, it is clear that it is Red Bull. There was only one team that changed drivers during the season in 2019 and that was Max Verstappen's team. However, Alonso did not want to join for six months and also had the regulations of 2021 in mind.

''Due to the global corona crisis those regulations were postponed for a year, but in the end I decided to use 2021 as a preparatory year for 2022. I really chose Renault because of the new technical regulations," concluded Alonso, who with Renault will pursue his dream of adding a third world title to his list of achievements.

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