Vettel has 'mixed feelings' about Hamilton's possible record weekend

24-09-2020 17:48 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:43
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Vettel has 'mixed feelings' about Hamilton's possible record weekend

Lewis Hamilton is likely to reach a few milestones in his F1 career in the upcoming Grands Prix. This weekend he will be able to match Michael Schumacher in terms of total victories. That record can be broken and he can win an equal number of world titles this season as well.

Before the advent of the hybrid era it was not Hamilton, but Sebastian Vettel who seemed on his way to the records of Michael Schumacher. That dream, emulating his great hero Schumacher in a Ferrari, never came true for Vettel. The fact that Hamilton now seems to be succeeding with Mercedes leaves Vettel with mixed feelings.

Schumacher the great hero of Vettel

"It has always been a number that seemed impossible to reach," says Vettel to among others. "On the one hand, I will be sad, because Michael is still my hero. On the other hand, I am happy for Lewis. He deserves all the success he has had in recent years. So it's a bit half and half, mixed emotions."

The current record of 91 victories has been there since 2006 and Schumacher after that record in 2001 is already over from Alain Prost, who was record holder at the time with 51 victories. Since then, only Hamilton and Vettel themselves have surpassed that number. Vettel's counter stands at 53.

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