Perez: "There has been contact with some teams"

24-09-2020 13:17 | Updated: 24-09-2020 14:54
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Perez: There has been contact with some teams

Sergio Perez will say goodbye to Racing Point after this season, given that the team has attracted Sebastian Vettel. Lance Stroll will of course remain in place as the owner's son, so the Mexican is currently without a seat for 2021. Perez hinted that there are a lot of options and now he appears to be in conversation with some teams.

Contact with other teams

"There has been contact with some teams," quotes the Racing Point driver at the press conference. "In the next few weeks I will let them know what a realistic option is, but that will remain between the team and me." 

It looks like it will be a while before a definitive answer since Perez wants to discuss it with the potential teams first.

There are several teams that haven't announced a lineup yet, such as Haas and Alfa Romeo. It's not clear if he has talked to other teams as well, since he doesn't go into too much detail.

No resentment against Vettel

Perez was responsible for rescuing the team a few years ago and with seven years of service, he has quite a track record. That's why it feels a bit bitter that he has to leave and make way for Vettel. Even though he would have liked to stay, he does not hold a grudge against his replacement.

"I hate Sebastian," Perez starts joking. "No, seriously. He's a great guy and of course, I would have liked to stay, because I know what's coming next year. But I don't hold a grudge," said the Mexican.

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