Domenicali about his time at Ferrari: "It totally swallows you up"

23-09-2020 10:56
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Domenicali about his time at Ferrari: It totally swallows you up

Stefano Domenicali is named as the new CEO of Formula 1, the BBC announced this morning. The Italian has a lot of experience in the sport, so that makes him a suitable candidate as the boss of Formula 1. He gained his experience when he was team boss at Ferrari for seven years, so he understands Mattia Binotto's current situation.

Working hard day and night

In an interview with the Italian looks back on his seven years at the Scuderia, which was a pretty intense time because it asks so much of you. "If you're a team boss at Ferrari, you'll be completely consumed by it," he starts talking about his experience. For example, he says he barely had time for his private life, hobbies and friends, because he was working hard day and night.

The job requires 24 hours of dedication to the company, including weekends, summers, winters and even vacations. But "I don't regret it at all, because it's part of my life. On the contrary, I loved it." Also, driving Ferrari is not an easy task with public opinion on your neck.

"From my own experience, I can assure you that a Ferrari team boss is under a lot of pressure and it is very intense", because the whole of Italy is watching and not hiding his opinion on the benches. Domenicali explains that if you win it's normal, but if you come second over the line it's a disaster because of a lack of nuance. "But that's part of it, you know that."

No interference

With that knowledge and experience he doesn't express himself about how Binotto does it, because he doesn't think it's appropriate. "As a sign of respect, I don't interfere at all with his decisions or with the team," says the Italian. "He must be given time and space to carry out his plans. Since I have been in his shoes, I don't want to intervene in any way."

Domenicali also states that only the people in the team know exactly what is going on, so it is not right for outsiders to interfere. "I've never done that since I left Ferrari, it's a matter of respect," said Lamborghini's current CEO.

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