Is Vettel back up at Aston Martin? "The Ferrari is now just like Schumacher''

22-09-2020 08:20 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:21
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Is Vettel back up at Aston Martin? The Ferrari is now just like Schumacher''

Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of 2020 and starts a new adventure at Aston Martin. Things haven't been going as planned for Vettel in recent years, but according to Marc Surer, things could be very different for his new team.

In 2015 Vettel will switch from Red Bull Racing to Ferrari. The German already has four world titles in his pocket and wants to follow his youth hero Michael Schumacher. In 2017 and 2018 Vettel came close, but when Charles Leclerc joined Ferrrari in 2019 it is over. The car seems to be more tuned to Leclerc's wishes, which made the car undrivable for the four time world champion.

Vettel not happy with car like Schumacher

''That Ferrari is now just like Schumacher's Ferrari used to be. It's very easy to steer in, but Vettel doesn't like a snappy rear'', says Surer in a video from ''Vettel drove the best in the Red Bull with a strong rear diffuser. Vettel was a real master at that''.

The former F1 driver thinks Vettel has a better chance with Aston Martin. ''He now loses so much on Leclerc because his driving style doesn't fit the current car. Racing Point's car is much quieter and easier to drive and he can still make it his own. That team would be stupid if they didn't listen to him. Vettel will look very different at Aston Martin than he has done in the last two seasons," concludes the Austrian.

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