Hamilton on the hunt for 91st victory: ''Thought it would stand forever''

22-09-2020 06:38 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:21
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Hamilton on the hunt for 91st victory: ''Thought it would stand forever''

The Russian Grand Prix has not yet been the ideal hunting ground for Max Verstappen, who in his first five years in Formula 1 has never been on the podium of Sochi. Will that happen in 2020 and will Lewis Hamilton break Michael Schumacher's record?

''We need some outside luck, because then you will have exciting races in 2020. The track suits Mercedes best and Hamilton seems to be in top form. Max Verstappen has a chance to win, but I often say that. However, the gap will again be a few tenths. If Hamilton is really going to break Michael's record, it will be a bit boring'', says Kees van de Grint at RTL GP Slipstream.

Schumacher's record

The former tyre expert worked together with the German at the time when Michael Schumacher set this record. Ferrari and Bridgestone had a close cooperation in those years and so Schumacher managed to achieve his 91 victories and 7 world titles. Hamilton can match Hamilton's victories in Sochi and the titles at the end of this season.

''It used to be a top achievement if you had won two titles, because those five of Fangio were found by the car. When Michael broke it off you thought it would stay that way forever, but I don't like it when Hamilton goes ahead and drives to nine world titles. After that, however, there will still be enough time for one Limburger to break it off'', concludes Van de Grint with a reference to Verstappen.

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