Verstappen misses podium due to technical problems in simrace

20-09-2020 20:22 | Updated: 20-09-2020 22:25
Verstappen misses podium due to technical problems in simrace

Max Verstappen took part in the BMW SIM 120 Cup of Road Atlanta on Sunday. The Red Bull Racing driver was on his way to a nice classification, but problems with his simulator meant that there was no more in it than a twelfth place for the TeamRedline car.

During the race, the wheel of his simulator was suddenly no longer connected to his console, causing him to crash before the first corner when braking. Verstappen managed to bring the car back to the asphalt. Team mate Patrick Moser took care of the second part of the race.

Opportunities were present

Verstappen started in fifth place and was in third place very quickly after an excellent start. In the second round, the 22-year old Limburger even moved up to second place after a light touch with Dayne Warren of Coanda Simsport. A few laps later Verstappen lost this spot again and not much later the crash followed.

In the end the victory went to the Finnish team KOVA. Drivers Tahtela and Valtteri Alander seized a ticket for the BMW SIM Live final in Munich at the end of the year.

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