Ocon expects "biggest fight in years"

20-09-2020 18:38 | Updated: 20-09-2020 22:17
by GPblog.com
Ocon expects biggest fight in years

This season no less than two Formula 1 races will be held in Bahrain. The second Grand Prix, officially the Sakhir Grand Prix, will not be held on the normal Grand Prix circuit of the Bahrain International Circuit, but on the short Outer Loop. Esteban Ocon is expecting fireworks.

The Outer Loop of the circuit is super fast and very short. A lap time of less than a minute is expected in qualifying. The circuit has only 11 corners with three straights and four braking zones. Esteban Ocon already drove around the circuit on his own simulator. "First of all, it's going very fast," said the enthusiastic Renault driver at the-race.com. "It's probably going to be the biggest fight we've seen in Formula 1 for years with all those straight lines."

Ocon's teammate Daniel Ricciardo thinks the track is going to be suitable for Renault, but above all sees challenges for the drivers. "This is always the case with circuits where none of us have been before. You try to find the little secrets of a corner. That in itself is fun. Anyway, it is cool that they are changing the layout for the second race in Bahrain."

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