Correa went back to scene of accident: "Think about it every day"

20-09-2020 17:34 | Updated: 20-09-2020 22:06
Correa went back to scene of accident: Think about it every day

The Grand Prix of Belgium, now already a few weeks old, was a memorable moment for the Grand Prix paddock. Exactly one year earlier, tragedy struck the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. One of the the main victims returned for the first time a few weeks ago.

Juan Manuel Correa was unable to avoid Anthoine Hubert's car, resulting in a fatal accident. Correa was severely injured. Due to the rehabilitation and the COVID-19 pandemic, Correa could not leave his home in the United States for a long time, but at Spa, he was there again.

The official Formula 2 website followed him and asked him about his emotions. “Like it or not, this place brings a lot of memories. I saw Anthoine's mother, Nathalie, which was tough. On the other hand, it was really positive to face all of these things - to face my demons. I had not been able to do it properly from long distance. Mostly importantly, I wanted to pay a proper tribute to Anthoine.”

It's something Correa 'has to deal with'

“I think about it every day. So for me, it is not such a big shock to have these memories come up anymore, not as much as it may be to people who don't necessarily think about it every day. For me, it is something that I have to deal with," said Correa.

The young American says he has changed because of the event, but he is keen to return one day. The construction that held his leg together for a year is about to come off and he can now walk again.

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