Jordan advises Wolff: 'As his adviser, I would say get out of there'

19-09-2020 09:55 | Updated: 19-09-2020 10:27
Jordan advises Wolff: 'As his adviser, I would say get out of there'

Eddie Jordan is still convinced that the Mercedes factory team will get a new owner in Formula 1. Jordan goes on to say that it is also the right time for Toto Wolff to say goodbye to the race team with which he has been so successful over the past six years.

"That's a possibility," Jordan responds when he is asked by Rob Kamphues and Robert Doornbos at Formule 1 cafe if there is a chance that Wolff won't renew his contract with Mercedes and make the switch to Aston Martin F1 Team, the team of his good friend Lawrence. Wolff himself doesn't let go of much about how he sees the future and what role he will play. However, he has indicated that this will be with Mercedes.

Jordan sticks to his statement

Last week the former team boss of Jordan Grand Prix came up with the remarkable rumour that Mercedes will be sold for hundreds of millions to INEOS. Wolff denied that Daimler intends to sell off Mercedes' F1 team, but Jordan has no intention of doing so. "The only thing I was really sure of is that INEOS will buy the team," he says of that statement. A move from Wolff to Aston Martin is just a 'possibility' for Jordan.

According to the 72-year-old Irishman, it's time for Wolff to close the door behind him. "He's been sensational. But it's time for him to quit. He has already won everything. And he's created myth around Lewis Hamilton and the team. You have to remember in life that there are good times to go and very bad times. And for Toto, that very good moment is now. If I were his advisor, I would say: Get out of there, please Toto. Take the money that's on the table. You won't get it that good.'"

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