Leclerc terrified next to Vettel: 'I'll let you know when we go off"

18-09-2020 15:54 | Updated: 18-09-2020 16:40
Leclerc terrified next to Vettel: 'I'll let you know when we go off

Ferrari and Formula 1 tested Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc at Mugello on how well they actually know their home circuit. In turn, the Ferrari drivers sat behind the wheel of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, while the other had to sit blindfolded in the passenger seat.

This quickly degenerated into a game in which one tries to make the other as nauseous as possible. Leclerc turned out not to be a great blind passenger and was scared to death from the first few metres.

Leclerc cannot take revenge on Vettel

"Seb, this is horrible, if we hit the wall, I can't even prepare," says the Man from Monaco from behind his mask. "I'll let you know when we go off," is Vettel's calm reaction to that.

Even as a passenger, Vettel then manages to keep his head cool. Leclerc does everything he can to frighten the German a bit, but the four-time world champion is mainly laughing. Click here if you want to watch the whole video.

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