Ricciardo on less intense rivalry with Verstappen: "Get on pretty well now"

18-09-2020 12:02 | Updated: 18-09-2020 16:18
by GPblog.com
Ricciardo on less intense rivalry with Verstappen: Get on pretty well now

Daniel Ricciardo has stressed that he can still get on well with Max Verstappen. The Renault driver is almost forced to say something bad about Red Bull Racing in the Sunrise programme, but the Australian refuses to do so.

"Actually, since leaving Red Bull with alll the rivalry with myself and Max has mellowed out and I would say we get on pretty well now," said Ricciardo in the Australian breakfast show. This isn't a big surprise, because it's well known that the two former teammates get along more than well.

Ricciardo refuses to say something negative

Even when the 31-year-old driver from Perth is pushed by presenters David Koch and Samantha Armytage to say something negative about Red Bull (after his rather sudden departure after the 2018 season) he doesn't bite. "It's alright", Ricciardo reports up to three times. "Max is more mature, so he's alright", he laughs.

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