Claire Williams: "It was game over"

16-09-2020 18:48
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Claire Williams: It was game over

The name Williams seems to disappear from Formula 1. After 43 years the team has been completely bought over by Dorilton Capital and the Williams family has completely renounced the team. Former team boss Claire Williams explains why the family stepped away from the team.

Williams was active in Formula 1 for many years and achieved great successes, especially in the 90s. Several world titles were obtained from both drivers and constructors. Since the last three years, however, the team was in dire straits both economically and sportily. The team was unable to overcome the economic recession caused by the coronavirus.

A new path to follow

"We had exhausted every avenue open to us", says Claire Williams to The Telegraph. ROKiT became the title sponsor at the beginning of 2020 and this gave the Williams courage. "I did think, coming into this year, that we had turned a corner. We had new title partners, who were promising the earth. Then that collapsed, and coronavirus hit. It was game over." According to Williams, nothing would have happened if these two things hadn't happened.

At first Williams was looking at a 'strategic review', but for Claire it was clear from the start that selling the team was the only option. "We saw that fairly early on, if I’m honest, considering the types of organisations that would want to invest in something like this. They’re going to want full control. It was the inevitable conclusion", she concludes.

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