"Bottas almost looks like a dud next to Hamilton"

16-09-2020 06:34
by GPblog.com
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Bottas almost looks like a dud next to Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is on his way to his seventh world title, so much seems certain after the Tuscany Grand Prix. With six victories out of nine races and competitors dropping stitches, this championship seems to come to him easier than ever. However, we must not forget how astonishing it is what he does.

According to Renger van der Zande, we now realise this too little. "It is unbelievable what he is doing. Bottas almost looks like a dud next to Hamilton, but he's also really good. If Hamilton makes a small mistake, Bottas is there for a moment, but he [Hamilton] can counter it again right away".

Enjoying Hamilton

While Bottas started the season strongly in 2019 as well as this year, Hamilton always managed to take control pretty quickly. Seasons in which the championship is still relatively exciting for a relatively long time, such as in the fight against Nico Rosberg and later Sebastian Vettel, we have not seen the last two years. That is a pity for the neutral viewer, but Van der Zande says to De Telegraaf that he can also enjoy this unique achievement.

"I think we are currently looking at a world champion who is simply the best of all time. It's incredibly clever what he does and also fun to watch because it's always on the limit. He also gets away with things that a champion gets away with. Enjoy it, because in a few years we are going to look back at a Hamilton that was so good".

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