International media: "That resulted in a furious Verstappen"

14-09-2020 07:59 | Updated: 14-09-2020 10:29
International media: That resulted in a furious Verstappen

The international media paid remarkably little attention to the failure of Max Verstappen. Most attention was paid to the two Mercedes at Mugello and Alexander Albon's first podium finish from his early Formula 1 career.

Sport Courier (Italië)

"There were two Brits on the podium this time, along with Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas. Albon's podium had everything to do with the failure of Verstappen. At the start, the Dutchman dropped out together with Pierre Gasly, after he had engine problems before."

Car, Motor and Sport (Germany)

"Verstappen, who had started in third place, complained in the first few meters about the sudden loss of engine power on the way to the first corner. The Dutchman was passed by midfield on all sides. Before corner two Pierre Gasly and Kimi Raikkonen dueled for the places directly behind him. The Alpha Tauri and the Alfa Romeo collided and took Verstappen into their trap."

L'Equipe (France)

"At last! Criticized, scolded, threatened after several races where he suffered from the comparison with Max Verstappen, but Albon was finally loose on Sunday. After thirty Grand Prix, he got his first podium. He reassures himself and also his employer Red Bull. After Gasly's victory in Monza last Sunday, the rumor of a return of the Frenchman was inevitable. But Albon proved his full potential at Mugello, especially with a fine finish in his final stint, on the soft tyres. Daniel Ricciardo can confirm this."

Sky Sports (Great Britain)

"Only twelve drivers finished and there were a total of three race starts, with Max Verstappen and Italian GP winner Pierre Gasly dropping out on the epic Mugello circuit in the first lap. A scary build-up of the field after the restart of the safety car led to four more failures and the first red flag. Meanwhile, Albon takes his first F1 podium for Red Bull by leaving a frustrated Daniel Ricciardo behind him."

Marca (Spain)

"Albon finally grabbed a podium. He fought with Perez, Ricciardo and even Bottas. They won't put him back to AlphaTauri. Verstappen had a very painful exit due to a faltering Honda engine. It resulted in a furious Max."

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