Hamilton says it was "a tough day physically" in Mugello

13-09-2020 17:26
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Hamilton says it was a tough day physically in Mugello

Lewis Hamilton schreef in Mugello zijn 90e Grand Prix overwinning op zijn naam. De Mercedes-coureur zegt dat het een zware dag was voor hem, omdat de baan een flinke uitdaging is en hij constant de hete adem van Valtteri Bottas voelde.

Many restarts

The race had three different starts due to the two red flags. Hamilton says he did two out of three well. "The first I made a mistake and my start just wasn't good enough. Then we had another chance and of course I was second. The brakes were so hot, so I hoped they would cool down. This gave me the chance to brake very late in turn 1. So that was very good," Hamilton tells Ziggo Sport.

The question is whether this is a victory that Hamilton will remember when he is older and retired. "I don't know what will happen when I am old and grey. But no matter what people think, it is so difficult, wherever you are. It is a very challenging job. A mistake and it's over, so it's been a tough day physically and mentally today," concludes the six-time champion.

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