Horner knows cause of problem Verstappen: "Had to do with electronics"

13-09-2020 17:17
Horner knows cause of problem Verstappen: Had to do with electronics

Christian Horner is pleased with the first podium finish for Alexander Albon. The Red Bull Racing boss thinks it's great how the Thai driver managed to fight his way forwards on Sunday afternoon. Horner also states that the loss of many positions at the start was a similar one to the issue that hurt Verstappen.

"I am really pleased for him. He has weathered a lot of criticism and he had to really fight for it," says Horner to Sky Sports. He also spoke about the RB16's biggest sore point.

Credit to Albon

Albon cleverly overtaken several competitors on the circuit of Mugello. "Daniel is a hard guy to pass and make that move around the outside is great. His too nice, but once he puts the helmet on his a real racer and this podium will give him a real boost and confidence," Horner adds.

Horner then has even more words of praise left for his 24-year-old star. "As developments are starting to come through, I think it will only help him. So, some of this rear instability that affected him and affected Pierre last year."

Red Bull are very disappointed with Verstappen

On Verstappen's issue, Horner says: "The issue on the grid was to do with the rear light. Then the issue came on the formation lap. He was really up for it today. It wouldn't have been a walk in the park for Mercedes today," he explains.

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