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Bottas is frustrated after P2: This is disappointing for me

Bottas is frustrated after P2: "This is disappointing for me"

13-09-2020 16:58

Valtteri Bottas had to settle for P2 at Mugello. He had a good start and took the lead from Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. At the first restart, he lost the lead to Hamilton and never got it back.

"Disappointing because it was like a dream start to me to the race. I also managed to hold my position at the Safety Car restart and then, I don't really remember all the phases, but it seemed like there were no opportunities anymore after I lost the position at the second start," Bottas tells Sky Sports.

Bottas does not give up

For the umpteenth time this season Bottas grabs next to the victory. "I'll just keep pushing trying to get better. It has to turn out well for me at some point," he adds.

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