Honda expects to make use of knowledge gained in Monza

11-09-2020 18:09 | Updated: 11-09-2020 21:12
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Honda expects to make use of knowledge gained in Monza

For Honda the weekend in Monza was one with two faces. On the one hand there was of course the jubilation at AlphaTauri after Pierre Gasly's victory, on the other hand the manufacturer had a very difficult weekend with Red Bull Racing. But one from which, according to Toyoharu Tanabe, they learned a lot

"As this is the first F1 Grand Prix to be held here, it will be an interesting new experience for all the teams. Although we won in Monza it was in some ways quite a tough weekend, especially as we had a problem during the race which led to Max having to retire, in order not to damage the engine," explained Tanabe.

"We have analysed the problem and have taken measures to ensure this problem does not recur. We also learned a lot about dealing with the new PU Mode regulation and we expect to make use of the knowledge gained over the course of the weekend."

Tanabe also said he is very much looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Mugello is a special place for Honda, not so much because of their history as an engine supplier in Formula 1, but as a manufacturer in MotoGP. In recent years they have been less successful here, but between 1994 and 2003 they won in Tuscany ten times in a row.

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