Horner: Mercedes can be beaten

Horner: "Mercedes can be beaten"

11-09-2020 17:02

Christian Horner states that Mercedes has had a great package in Formula 1 for many years. However, the Red Bull Racing chief is taking hope from the victory of his Austrian team in Great Britain.

"Their first year they were incredibly dominant. But they they didn’t quite show their full hand because they had such a power advantage," Horner said at the press conference. According to Red Bull's team boss, however, it is now clear that they have always had a strong chassis in previous seasons.

However, the Brit stresses that there are opportunities for the competition to win in Formula 1. "But we’ve shown that they can be beaten, at Silverstone. And so that’s what we have to focus on, extracting and working to our strengths and getting more out of our car to take that fight to them on a more consistent basis," he says.

Red Bull speaks of missed opportunity

It is therefore particularly sour that Red Bull was unable to take advantage Mercedes' struggles last weekend at Monza. "So on a day where Mercedes didn’t, for once, dominate proceedings we weren’t able to capitalise on that, which was frustrating.”

“In the event that we weren’t able to, it was fantastic to see AlphaTauri, Franz (Tost) and Pierre get that victory. But Monza for us felt like an opportunity lost.”

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