Ferrari confirms: Going to give Schumacher the chance in first free practice

Ferrari confirms: "Going to give Schumacher the chance in first free practice"

11-09-2020 16:18 Last update: 16:45

The chance that Mick Schumacher will soon be on display in a Formula 1 car is growing by the day. Mattia Binotto announces in Italy that Michael Schumacher's son is doing tremendously well and that he will be getting ready for his FP1 debut. Ferrari's team boss continues to comment on the news that Sebastian Vettel has signed for Racing Point.

"We will give Mick Schumacher some opportunities to drive in FP1. But we will not announce it yet," says Binotto in a somewhat mysterious conversation with the German branch of RTL. The logical next question then is why Ferrari is waiting? "We still need to arrange things."

Schumacher should focus on F2

Schumacher is currently sitting in second place in the Formula 2 championship and there is still a very good chance of the title. "I am very happy that Mick is doing well in F2. His main focus has to be in F2, he is battling for the championship. There he needs to be concentrated. Mick got a great opportunity or possibility next year to eventually drive in F1. We need to prepare that one," said the Italian.

The other big news recently is that of Sebastian Vettel's move to Aston Martin. The timing of the announcement was striking, namely during Ferrari's 1000th GP in Formula 1. "I think it's good of him to announce this now that he knows how things are going. We told him early in the year that we would not renew his contract and we were criticised for that. But it was important for us to give him the time to find a new seat," Binotto tells Sky Sports.

Binotto happy for Vettel

Finally, Binotto has words of praise for the German. "I'm happy for him as a driver and also as a person, and I'm also happy for Formula One, because it's good for the sport that a four-time champion will be competing next year as well."

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