Ocon makes excuses after heavy onboard radio: ''Let myself go a little''

11-09-2020 08:30 | Updated: 11-09-2020 13:18
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Ocon makes excuses after heavy onboard radio: ''Let myself go a little''

Esteban Ocon was gagged about the on-board radio after the Italian Grand Prix but is now making his own apologies. The Frenchman has admitted that he should not have discussed this openly.

After the Italian Grand Prix there was a remarkable discussion about Ocon's onboard radio. The Frenchman was thanked for his good race at Monza, but Ocon did not agree. He thought the team had missed an opportunity, but was not given the chance to explain. His engineer silenced him.

Ocon makes excuses

Once they arrived in Tuscany, the team discussed this and Ocon has admitted his reaction was maybe not appropriate. ''It is important that we discuss these matters internally. I have no other picture of the situation, but with hindsight I let myself go a little too much. If you see that we are back in the points after all, then we have indeed driven a strong race," said Ocon according to Racefans.net.

''Of course there would have been some opportunities if we had gambled in the race, but that's hard to say that you missed an opportunity. With hindsight we had a strong weekend, certainly from where I had to come." 

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