Perez gets plenty of offers: ''I'm surprised by the number of options''

11-09-2020 07:21 | Updated: 11-09-2020 11:36
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Perez gets plenty of offers: ''I'm surprised by the number of options''

The arrival of Sebastian Vettel also has a downside. After seven years of loyal service, Sergio Perez has to leave Racing Point at the end of 2020. The way in which the Mexican has been pointed out the door does not sit well with many people.

Perez has been active for seven years with the current Racing Point, which previously operated in F1 under the name of Force India. Perez helped the team achieve great results and even ensured its survival in 2018. He kept many jobs but also gave Lawrence Stroll the space to take over the team.

Perez didn't see exit coming

However, that same Stroll has told Perez that his services will no longer be needed in 2021. ''No, there was nothing that would have allowed me to prepare for this. All the feedback I received was positive and I was therefore very confident of my case. In the end, however, everything changed. But it also gives some rest, because the uncertainty is now gone," Perez told Sky Sports.

The Mexican wants a new contract in Formula 1 but is not going to rush that. ''I am in a good position and am quite surprised with the options that are still open. However, I do not want to rush it. I want to see what options are available and then make my decision. I don't expect to do that in the short term."

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