Binotto fierce about rumors: "I think there is a lot of b*llsh*t"

08-09-2020 16:14 | Updated: 08-09-2020 16:38
Binotto fierce about rumors: I think there is a lot of b*llsh*t

Mattia Binotto is currently not to be envied. The Italian is team boss of the very underperforming Ferrari. This started when it became clear last year that the engine wasn't completely legal, as if Binotto doesn't like all the rumors and opinions surrounding his engine.

It is still a tricky subject: the engine of Ferrari. Since they have been whistled back by the FIA after a protest about the gasoline consumption in their engine, the Italians are performing very poorly. Every week it seems to get worse with all the comments from outsiders as a result. Something that Ferrari's team boss doesn't always like. Binotto is very clear to Channel four and he speaks about this issue in no uncertain terms:

"Honestly I think that there is a lot of bullshit. A lot of rumours and we should not care too much because we need to stay focused on what we are doing", said Binotto to Channel 4.

Settlement after protest

Ferrari and the FIA reached a settlement but it was never made public. "On the settlement it’s very simple there has never been a breach of regulation and that’s it".

Next, the team boss discusses the reason for withholding the content of the settlement: "Our regulations are very complex, since then a lot of technical directives have been issued and the reason why there has been no transparency on the settlement is because it’s about our technical intellectual property. TSo we don’t need to explain to the entire world the way our power unit is working".

Many teams still want to know from the FIA what is in the settlement, but again and again they don't get permission to see the agreement between Ferrari and the FIA. This to the annoyance of several race stables.

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