Rosberg doesn't want to blame Leclerc: "Ferrari handling scares me"

07-09-2020 13:52 | Updated: 07-09-2020 17:39
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Rosberg doesn't want to blame Leclerc: Ferrari handling scares me

Some viewers might have looked away when Charles Leclerc flew into the tyre wall at high speed. The Ferrari driver got away with it, but how could this happen so suddenly?

Some commentators immediately thought of braking problems, because the crash happened just after Vettel had failed with his breaks. In the end, it turned out that Leclerc had just lost control of the car, something he blamed himself for. According to Nico Rosberg, however, the car did not go free.

Rosberg can't respect Ferrari's driving behaviour

"Especially the behaviour of the car really scared me," he says in his analysis for RTL. "He accelerated out of the corner, had everything under control and suddenly he loses the back of the car, catches it and then loses it again. The Ferrari looks like a very, very difficult car to drive".

When asked whether he would like to label the SF1000 as 'ungovernable', the former world champion reacts cautiously, but his answer speaks volumes. "I don't want to use that word again, because it gets quoted and exaggerated, but it is very difficult to drive".

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