Berger critical of Ferrari's philosophy: "Fallen into wishful thinking again"

07-09-2020 11:56 | Updated: 07-09-2020 17:29
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Berger critical of Ferrari's philosophy: Fallen into wishful thinking again

The Ferrari team has been involved in F1 for so long that they have already gone through some difficult times. However, as bad as it is now, with the Italian Grand Prix marking their lowest point, it has not happened very often, especially in this century. Gerhard Berger, a former Ferrari driver, therefore thinks they should abandon their current philosophy.

When Ferrari achieved their great successes at the beginning of this century with Michael Schumacher, the team was led by a number of prominent foreigners. Jean Todt was team boss, Ross Brawn technical director and Rory Byrne was the responsible designer.

Although Ferrari were happy with those world titles, there was always a desire to repeat this success with an all-Italian leadership and that is a misconception according to Berger.

Italy gets credit anyway

"I believe that at Ferrari they've fallen into wishful thinking again, they want to be champions with Italians", says the Austrian in 'AvD Motorsport Magazin' on Sport1. "If they are successful, it will be attributed to Italy as well, because it is still an Italian team. But you have to bring in the best people for your team worldwide".

"It wasn't as extreme as it is now, but even then [in Berger's time] it was difficult. You can only move forward with years of hard work. That's what they did back then, but this is quite a setback. Together with Vettel's departure, this is a really difficult time. You can see that in Sebastian as well".

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