Lando Norris on why he missed out on the podium: "It's a stupid rule"

07-09-2020 08:26
Lando Norris on why he missed out on the podium: It's a stupid rule

Lando Norris is not happy that Lance Stroll could do a 'free' pit stop because of the red flag. At the time everyone was in the pit lane because of Charles Leclerc's crash, the regulations allowed the tyres to be changed. Making a mandatory pit stop is therefore no longer necessary. This is something that needs to be changed in the opinion of Norris.

"There was nothing more I could have done," said Norris to Sky Sports. The young Brit doesn't like missing out on a podium, because he thinks it would have been possible. "The only reason I don't think I'm on the podium today is because Stroll took advantage of a free pit stop. It's a stupid rule. They just get it for free and they don't deserve it, in many ways."

The McLaren driver continues his story and comes up with advice for the FIA: "I think it has to come out. We have two examples. Gasly stops just in front of the safety car and lies in front of when the red flag is waved. That's fair, there's nothing you can do about it. But someone who hasn't made a pit stop yet, wins 24 seconds with doing nothing. He should pit one more time."

So Norris would like to see the rules changed. "You may be lucky to do what Pierre did, but I think that's still fair. But not having to pit and not having to come in for the mandatory pit stop is something I don't like," he concluded.

Norris at Ziggo Sport

In conversation with Jack Plooij, the 20-year old driver doesn't hide his frustrations either. In front of the Dutch camera, Norris asks if it is allowed to swear.

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