Ocon about Jack Plooij: "Apologies accepted mate!"

02-09-2020 16:40
by GPblog.com
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Ocon about Jack Plooij: Apologies accepted mate!

Esteban Ocon has accepted the apologies of Ziggo sports reporter Jack Plooij. Plooij called Ocon "that French f*ck", in an interview with Lando Norris. On Twitter Jack Plooij later apologized to the Frenchman, who in turn reacted sporty with: "Apologies accepted mate!".

After the interview of dentist Plooij with Norris, a lot of commotion arose on Twitter. The pit reporter of Ziggo Sport had to pay the price: he was criticised a lot, especially internationally.

It is not the first time that Plooij is at odds with the Renault team. In the past Ziggo Sport was already refused for an interview with a driver by the French race stable.

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