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'Formula 1 teams only have three days to test new car before 2021'

'Formula 1 teams only have three days to test new car before 2021'

02-09-2020 06:29


The 2020 Formula 1 season is still on the way, but plans for 2021 are already being made. Liberty Media wants a 'normal calendar' again in 2021 with more than 20 races and also aims at halving the winter test.

Where does Formula 1 start?

Now that the 2020 calendar is ready, Formula 1 and the teams can look forward to 2021. Liberty Media is aiming for a calendar with more than 20 races, but with the corona virus still spread all over the world, not every race is an option. Melbourne, for example, is still one of the most contaminated cities and it seems that they want to move to another destination in Australia.

In addition to another race in Australia, Bahrain has, according to Auto, Motor und Sport, the best papers for the season opening in 2021. The season will certainly not be postponed, so teams should have their car ready, as usual, in February. There will then be a winter test.

Short winter test in 2021

At first, the winter test did not seem to go ahead, but that plan was abandoned. With new drivers with different teams, still some aerodynamic changes for 2021 and McLaren having to integrate an entire engine into the chassis, the decision was made to start testing. According to Auto, Motor und Sport this will only be three days.

So half of the winter test in 2020 and then the question is where? Barcelona and Jerez are, as always, two interesting options, but Bahrain will also surface again. With the low prices for flights, that suddenly becomes a lot more attractive because of the temperature (much more in line with the rest of the season), but the big disadvantage of Bahrain remains that parts cannot be flown in quickly from the factory.

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